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a memory activism project

The CRSV Observatory

The CRSV Observatory is a memory project aimed at dismantling the historical silencing, sidelining, and erasure of conflict-related sexual violence. The Observatory documents cases where sexual violence has been deliberately and systemically deployed to target particular sections of society against backgrounds of violent conflict. 

The Conflict Related Sexual Violence (CRSV) Observatory was established by The Gender Security Project in response to a call for action from the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women, to understand femicide, its causes and consequences for countries.

This database carries reports that record the history of the conflict, prevalence of sexual violence, and explains how sexual violence was used as a specific war strategy. 

This section presents existing international conventions, case laws, declarations, and  resolutions, constituting the body of law addressing conflict-related sexual violence.

Our podcast brings you voices from the ground, reporting on ongoing efforts and work toward preventing, responding to, and addressing systemic and conflict-related sexual violence. 

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