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Law and Policy

International Humanitarian Law

International Humanitarian Law governs and addresses both international and internal armed conflict. It lists out specific forms of sexual and gender-based violence in the context of an armed conflict.

Security Council Resolutions

The UN Security Council has adopted 10 resolutions addressing conflict-related sexual violence. Together, these resolutions are called the WPS Agenda. They address the prevention and protection of CRSV, among other things. 

International Criminal Law

International Criminal Law is an overarching term to represent the laws established for particular courts and tribunals at the international level, governing criminal conduct in the context of armed conflict.

Case Laws /

Decisions by ad-hoc, hybrid, and permanent international criminal courts have supported the development of jurisprudence addressing CRSV. Courts have examined questions of fact and law to prosecute and punish CRSV in armed conflict contexts.

Public International Law

Public International Law governs and addresses international engagements between and among states and particular non-state actors. Specific human rights instruments have mentioned sexual violence


Policy measures & Declarations

Over the years, the United Nations has addressed CRSV through its reports, statements, and other documents. This section compiles key UN documents addressing, documenting, compiling, and denouncing CRSV in different contexts.

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