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Prosecutor v. Furundžija

Citation: IT-95-17/1

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Trial Judgment: 10 December 1998

Appeal Judgment: 21 July 2000

Anto Furundžija was a local commander of the Jokers in the Vitez municipality of BiH. He was tried for having committed, planned, instigated, ordered, or otherwise aided and abetted in the planning, preparation, and/or execution of crimes of sexual violence against Bosnian Muslim women in the Lašva River Valley and Vitez municipality. This is the first case wherein the ICTY dealt entirely with charges of sexual violence. The prosecution charged Furundžija with individual criminal responsibility on two counts of violations of the laws or customs of war for torture and outrages on human dignity, including rape.

In 1998, he was convicted by the Trial Chamber on all counts against him. In 2000, the Appeals Chamber dismissed all grounds of appeals by Furundžija. The Trial Chamber sentenced Furundžija to 10 years’ imprisonment, which was upheld by the Appeals Chamber.

Summary based on notes from the IJRC

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