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Prosecutor v. Nzabirinda

Citation: ICTR-01-77

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Date of Trial Judgment: 23 February 2007

Joseph Nzabirinda was a former organizer of the Youth and Sports in Ngoma Urban Commune, Butare Prefecture, and a founding member of the Parti Social Democrate.

He was tried for his alleged involvement as an “approving spectator” in several meetings that lead to systematic attacks, including involving rape and sexual violence targeting Tutsi families, and for his involvement in the killing of an individual named Joseph Mazimpaka near Kabuga roadblock, which Nzabirinda manned on two occasions.

The prosecution charged Nzabirinda with a single count of direct responsibility for murder as a crime against humanity. In 2007, an ICTR Trial Chamber accepted Nzabirinda’s guilty plea to aiding and abetting murder as a crime against humanity. The Trial Chamber sentenced Nzabirinda to seven years’ imprisonment.

Summary based on notes from the IJRC

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